Don Zella Secretly Takes Britton To Meet ‘Uncle’ Big Eye | PHOTOS

April 8, 2022
Don Zella with kids dining with Big Eye

Don Zella with kids dining with Big Eye

US-based Ugandan socialite, Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella has taken her son, Britton to meet Big Eye days after she told the singer that the kid is not his.

Don Zella recorded a video, showed off birth certificate and insisted Britton is a son to her late husband, James Matthew Juntunen.

On the certificate, Britton is named as Britton Diamond Juntunen with Sheila Alla Nadege as the mother and the late, zungu hubby, James Matthew Juntunen as the dad.

Don Zella dining with Big Eye

The shameless Don Zella, told her followers that her kids know Big Eye as their uncle and revealed that she had to position Britton where there is future.

After the burial of Juntunen that died on February 6 at Al rahba hospital, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, Don Zella and her kids are back in Uganda.

Today, she took kids to meet Big Eye at KFC and claims ‘Uncle’ Big Eye sponsored the outing.

Level up sooo hard that he has to get to know you again &Don’t seek revenge rotten fruit will fall by its self Uncle asimye otutwalako out # akajanjalo ka internet nze nkalina

Don Zella

In the photos, Big Eye is seen seated next to Britton as the family enjoyed a delicious meal at KFC.

Big Eye (in white), seated next to his ‘son’ Britton (L)

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