Lyton Tight-Marks Kayima In Guvnor, Leaves Slayers Annoyed

September 20, 2022
Lyton Namubiru and Arthur Kayima

Lyton Namubiru and Arthur Kayima

UK-based singer, Lyton Namubiru is inseparable with social media celebrity, Arthur Kayima since he jetted into the country.

Kayima jetted in Uganda last month from Saudi Arabia where he works as a waiter in hotel. It seems he had planned with Lyton to meet in Uganda and enjoy their holiday.

On Friday, the pair attended Faridah Nakazibwe’s Greater Masaka Fete at Cricket Oval arm in arm.

On Saturday, they went partying in Guvnor but what we witnessed, their relationship is beyond friendship.

Lyton Namubiru with Arthur Kayima

Since they entered Guvnor late, they shared a table with other revelers. Lyton was allover Kayima caring for him as a 1-year old child.

Our snoop who was chilling in Guvnor intimated to us that Lyton was so insecure and could not give Kayima breathing space. She turned a waitress and almost spoon fed him.

After a fun partying, Kayima and Lyton left Guvnor at around 4am and headed to unknown with love painted allover their faces.

What happened after, your guess is good as mine.