Don Zella Reignites Beef With Sarah Joy Bakanansa, Brands Her Zakayo ‘Skeleton’

June 28, 2022
Sarah Joy Bakanansa and Don Zella

Sarah Joy Bakanansa and Don Zella

American-based Ugandan socialite, Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella has reignited beef with former friend, Sarah Joy Bakanansa.

Bakanansa and Don Zella relocated to the US in 2016 and 17 respectively. They were so inseparable until egos kicked in. They started trading words and exposing each other’s dirt.

Bakanansa relocated to Boston Massachusetts and Don Zella settled in Los Angeles. Since separation, the pair went on their businesses and ceased fire.

Don Zella with Sarah joy Bakanansa

Now the war is back on after YouTuber, Sarkozy Farouk conducted an interview with Bakanansa.

Bakanansa told Farouk that after realising that Don Zella’s friendship was taking her nowhere, she decided to focus on her future.

She said Don Zella was adding nothing to her life. Bakanansa told Farouk that she lives a better life than Don Zella.

After watching the interview, Don Zella took to her Facebook, told Bakanansa to chase her clout without mentioning her name before branding her Zakayo ‘Skeleton’.

Zakayo leave me alone do your 24 hr fame without mentioning my name internet yakuzira without mentioning me views myee obutama bukasitamye nga rkimana kye njovu leave me alone skeleton gwe move on ye kiki enyoo move on

Don Zella