Here are the reasons why Daddy Andre can’t perform in D justubai

July 12, 2023
Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Singer and music producer Daddy Andre real name Andrew Ojambo has revealed reasons why his fans shouldn’t expect him to perform in Dubai.

So many Ugandan musician have been wanting to go and perform outside Uganda because they are paid more money and they get to travel too.

But when it comes to Daddy Andre, he is not willing and interested to move out of the country especially to Dubai to perform.

Nina Roz’s ex husband revealed that people haven’t noticed that there is a difference between a singer and a musician.

Musicians are those ones that don’t even know what they are doing. They don’t have knowledge about music, their focus is having a hit song and making money.

But for Daddy Andre, he is a singer and he knows a lot about music. He doesn’t rush to getting money without good music.

He said that’s why people will never see him in Dubai perfoming because he uses that time to learn more and do good music.

“I personally can not perform in Dubai; there is one thing people should know. I am a singer not a musician. I am not looking for everyday food doing bad music. I usually give my fans the best and that’s why I would rather use the Dubai time to learn more” Daddy Andre said