Pretty Nicole Reveals Her Next Move After Escaping From School | She Survived Massacre In Kasese | VIDEO

June 18, 2023
Pretty Nicole

Pretty Nicole

Pretty Nicole, real name Musimenta Emmanuella has revealed why she escaped school days after her guardian reported that she went missing.

Nicole caught the attention of netizens after she appeared in the viral video being beaten by Kafta Queen and her friends.

On January 9, netizens were left in shock after Kafta Queen and her friends ganged up on Nicole, beat her up and even poured dirty water on her for snatching of of their boyfriend.

Kafta Queen – L (in the dock), Pretty Nicole (R)

Kafta Queen was arrested, paraded in court and sentenced to 3-years in jail for aggravated torture.

At her age, many sympathized with her and argued that if she was in school, she wouldn’t have been such a drama.

A well-wisher approached her family and took her back to school. On Tuesday, it was reported that Nicole escaped from school and she was nowhere to be seen.

Her guardian confirmed the reports but accused Nicole’s mum to be behind her escape.

Guardian (L) Pretty Nicole (R)

She explained that before Pretty Nicole’s mom paid her a visit at school, everything was moving on smoothly but immediately after her visit, something triggered her mind and she escaped from school.

The guardian lamented how she had invested a lot in Nicole and demanded answers.

Finally, Nicole appeared online and confirmed she escaped from school and that she is not going back.

She revealed that school is not her thing before disclosing that she doesn’t understanding what they teach. Pretty Nicole told her followers that she used to score 5% in papers, saying she can’t study what she can’t grasp.

Pretty Nicole

Nicole insisted that she decides her own destiny and plans to start singing.

On Friday, the ADF rebels attacked Lhubirira Secondary School in the western border town of Mpondwe killing over 40 students and abducting scores.

Nicole revealed that’s the school she was schooling from. She said is a born again and that she got a dream that the school was going to be attacked and fled before the massacre.

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