Bebe Cool accused of using Gov’t money to take his son abroad for football opportunities

July 18, 2023

Singer Bebe Cool real name Moses Ssali has been accused by some fan of using government money to take hus son abroad for better football opportunities.

Bebe Cool recently posted photos of him and his first son with Zuena Kirema abroad.

The two had visited Arsenal play ground and other places like Paris where they were having fan.

As someone who has been playing football since childhood, Bebe Cool’s son Alpha Ssali has also had opportunities to play in some big games.

Bebe Cool always said he is willing to support his children in their talents and whatever they decide to do in their lives.

One of the fans was concerned saying there are more talented people in Uganda but unfortunately those from poor backgrounds don’t get anywhere in life.

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This fan said that only those close to government have got the opportunity to move forward with their talents.

“There’s so many talented young boys even better than your son but because of our poor government it’s only parents like you who is close to the government has that chance of making their dreams and lifting their talents 👌,” Fan tweeted.

Bebe Cool was which to respond to this fan telling him that he has such a cheap thinking that’s why he has stayed in poverty for a long period of time.

According to Bebe Cool, no one is going to stop him from supporting his children’s talents.

“Its such cheap thinking that will always keep you in poverty coz you about to tell me that its also government who told me to get married,have kids and be responsible enough to support their talents as a parent,” Bebe Cool tweeted