Tiktoker Dr. Cephco brands Mary Bata as the worst dressed celebrity

July 17, 2023
Dr. Cephco was remanded to Kitalya

Dr. Cephco was remanded to Kitalya

Reknown Tiktoker Dr. Cephco has branded struggling singer Mary Bata as the worst dressed celebrity in Uganda.

He said the singer needs to improve on her dressing because she looks like market vendors yet she has so many people looking up to her.

Dr. Cephco has been so much into celebrtity lives something that has landed him into trouble at some point.

He was arrested last year by Full Figure and other celebrities like Bruno K that added themselves on Full Figure. The main reason for his arrest was his false accusations and speaking ill about these people.

Although he aplogized and was released from prison, Cephco hasn’t given up on talking about celebrities.

Recently he was hosted on a certain local television and he couldn’t resist from speaking about celebrities.

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When it came to fashion, he said he doesn’t understand how Mary Bata dresses. He said she is always in big tshirts looking like a mad woman.

The hilarious part is that Mary Bata puts on high heeled shoes on those big tshirts something that annoys Cephco.

“I am always speaking my mind and when it comes to fashion, I think the only celebrtity I would comment about is Mary Bata. She needs to improve on her dressing code. She sometimes appears in big tshirts with high heels looking like she doesn’t know what she wants,” Dr. Cephco said