Patrick Salvado wants Uganda Airlines to use Luganda as official language

July 18, 2023
Patrick Salvado

Patrick Salvado

Famous comedian Patrick Salvdo has revealed that he would like the Uganda Airlines to use Luganda asplanofficial language.

He made this statement on twitter. According to Salvado the reason why he wants Luganda language to be used it’s because it is known everywhere in Uganda.

It should be known that the official language in Uganda is English and Luganda can’t be spoken by different tribes.

However it being spoken in the capital city Kampala, many people have tried to learn it so that it can easier for them to communicate while in the city.

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Patrick Salvado said he thinks Ugandans would be very proud if they heard Luganda being used on the plane.

He said he doesn’t care wether some people will understand it or not, but once it is spoken Ugandans will definitely feel at home wherever they will be.

“Right now, Luganda is the most spoken language through out the country, I wouldn’t mind if it was adopted as the official language to be used by @UG_Airlines … I’m sure we’d all be proud to hear a home language spoken on arrival in Johannesburg whether you understand it or not,” Patrick Salvado tweeted