Bad Black Reveals Secret Behind Nakankanka’s Kyovu | VIDEO

November 15, 2022
Bad Black

Bad Black

Controversial socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is back in the news this time around giving the reason behind Yvonne Nakankanka’s Kyovu.

In July, a clip alleged to be of Yvonne Nakankanka spilling Kyovu went viral. Netizens felt sorry for her after witnessing a hard long soft metal from Cephco.

Last week, word made rounds with claims that another clip of Nakankanka is on the streets. haven’t accessed it.

Yvonne Nakankanka

As usual TikTokers got content but to Bad Black, she has another version of what she claims is the reason behind that white Kyovu.

In a video with one of the Ssenga’s, Bad Black said that the Kyovu is caused syphilis and gonorrhea.

She advised Nakankanka to visit rush to health facilities for immediate attention.

Bad Black giving her reasons behind Kyovu

The rise of Nakankanka:

Yvonne Nakankanka is a product of TikTok. She rose to fame while shooting skits with Ismael Sefuko aka Dr Cephco.

When Cephco dumped her for Jowie, she gained sympathy but she also showed resilience by fighting for her man.

When Cephco was arrested by Full Figure and sent to Luzira, she stood with him. Her efforts paid off when Cephco was released.

They re-united with Cephco accusing Dr Umar of touching in Jowie’s source.