Crying Cephco Refuses To Apologise, Insists Sheikh Umar Touched In Jowie’s Source

June 22, 2022
Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

TikToker, Ismael Sefuko aka Dr Cephco insists he will not apologise to Sheikh Umar after the Nansana-based Sheikh gave him an ultimatum.

After Cephco’s release from Luzira Prison, he made claims that Sheikh Umar got him arrested with an intention to take his bae, Jowie. He alleged that Umar started vibing Jowie a week before he was arrested which the Sheikh dismissed.


Umar revealed that Full Figure sought his efforts to arrest Cephco and the only way to reach him was to vibe Jowie. He said he started WhatsApping Jowie on the day Cephco was arrested.

He gave Cephco an ultimatum to apologise which expired yesterday midday. Umar recorded a video and declared he will hunt down Cephco and send him back to jail.

Cephco hit back while crying and insisted he would rather go to jail than apologising to the man who boasts of getting him arrested.


He claims Umar touched in Jowie’s source and that she is so depressed and sick. In an interview with Saymo, Cephco said that when he was arrested, Jowie stayed at Umar’s place. The driver he went to pick her, waited for long hours before she exited the Sheikh’s house.

It should be noted that Cephco was arrested after he abusive presidential advisor, Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure.