She Is Not The One | Another Young Fresh Hottie Drops Massive Pumpu Clip | VIDEO

November 15, 2022
She is not the one

She is not the one

Since yesterday a lady by names of Malaika Love Asiimwe as we have been told, has been trending on Twitter for reasons known for spoilt Ugandans.

To ride on popularity and gain followers, a person created an account ‘@Angelbae256’ claiming she is the one behind the clip using the trending photos.

As usual our panel had to look into the issue and after hours of scrutiny, they made a conclusion that she is not the one.

The two babes are totally different in looks though in the same age bracket.


It’s been a habit of social media in-laws who are looking for followers and comments to mislead Ugandans. But we can authoritatively say, she is not the one and whoever is spreading falsehoods against her, must be having a hidden agenda.

However, the young lady (victim) seems to be enjoying the talk-ability. From her rental with a guy, they recorded a video making fun of the clip making rounds.