Cephco Fails To Choose Between Jowie, Yvonne Kankaka, Takes Both Home | VIDEO

July 9, 2022
Yvonne Kankaka (L), Cephco (M) Jowie (R)

Yvonne Kankaka (L), Cephco (M) Jowie (R)

TikTok sensation, Ismael Sefuko aka Cephco decided to take Jowie and Yvonne Kankaka home after failing to choose between the pair.

Days after he was released from Luzira prison, Cephco dumped Jowie and declared he was going to settle with Yvonne Kankaka.

He accused Jowie of being selfish and revealed that she kept on pestering Sheikh Umar to organise for her a birthday party while he was in jail.

It should be noted that Sheikh Umar is the one who plotted Cephco’s arrest after he tricked Jowie that he was ready to throw her a birthday party.

Almost a month, Cephco has been partying with Yvonne but Jowie did not give up. Before being dumped Jowie had tattooed Cephco’s name on her back.

Yesterday during a show in Nansana, MC Mariachi called Jowie and Yvonne on stage before asking Cephco to choose between the two. He failed to make a decision, a sign that he still loves both.

After leaving the stage, Yvonne and Jowie hugged other and agreed to share Cephco.

Jowie and Yvonne Kankaka hugging

Later, Cephco filmed himself holding both as they jammed to Ziza Bafana’s ‘Ensolo’ song.