Bad Black Backs Alien Skin, Claims Kampala Parents Offered Her Fake Scholarship

August 20, 2023
Bad Black (L) with Dr Lawrence Muganga (R)

Bad Black (L) with Dr Lawrence Muganga (R)

Bad Black has backed Alien Skin’s stance on first meeting Kampala Parents School bosses before allowing Champion Gudo go to school.

Earlier this month, Peace Regis Mutuuzo – the Minister of State for Gender and Culture urged Alien Skin to allow Champion Gudo to go back to school in bid to secure good future.

As word gained momentum, Felistar Da Superstar, who and Fresh Kid secured scholarships at Kampala Parents, asked her former school to take in Champion Gudo.

Alien Skin with his bodyguard Champion Gudo

Kampala Parents accepted her request but Alien Skin insisted that he wanted to meet Kampala Parents School leadership at his Fangon Forest Entertainment base before allowing Champion Gudo join their school.

As the standoff continues, Bad Black has come out and made claims that Kampala Parents offer fake scholarships.

In September 2021, Victoria University which is run by Ruparelia family offered Bad Black an ambassadorial deal, in addition they offered her son, Jonathan a scholarship at Kampala Parents and promised to educate him until university level.

Bad Black (L) with Dr Lawrence Muganga (R)

To Bad Black, Kampala Parents canceled Jonathan’s scholarship saying her contract had expired. She also claims she wasn’t paid 10m she was promised by Victoria University Vice chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga.

Masolo Queen says, Victoria University likes to ride on famous people’s names in bid to promote their campus.

When You understand all this scholarship things from Dr mugaga of victory university is fake just he has a tendency of exciting the public by riding on the fame of any one who is trending to market the University after using you he will never have time for you…. When they approached me about giving my son Jonathan a scholarship at Kampala parents i was so excited after one year everything changed.. they stopped paying school fee’s telling me that contract s over, mugagga promised me heaven and earth how they will push jonathan a till university , also i was not paid the 10million kwegaba everything is fake just to keep them n media… Now mY son at green hill … so I stand with Alein skin …I will record video… oluzungu luzibu

Bad Black posted on Facebook
Bad Black’s post on Facebook

The Masolo Queen promised to come on Facebook Live broadcast today, 5PM and expose Victoria University and Kampala Parents School.

Black says after Kampala University canceled Jonathan’s scholarship, she changed school and took him to Green Hill Academy in Kibuli.

However, it should be noted that Kampala Parents offered Fresh Kid and Felistar Da Superstar scholarships. Felister finished and joined secondary school.Fresh Kid is still at studying uninterrupted.

Since Bad Black’s language is money, your thinking is good as mine.