Bad Black Reveals Who Ate Her ‘Goat’

September 18, 2021
Bad Black

Bad Black

Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is known for her foul mouth and it’s hard to ask any question and fail to receive an answer.

The self confessed thigh vendor has disclosed that she lost her goat at 19 years old to a man fit to be her grandfather.

The Masolo Queen revealed that the man was 50-years old and that marked the begging of her punani selling career.

She notes that the old man was loaded, she couldn’t resist his money. To her, money comes first before love.

Bad Black

“I don’t consider age as anything important in relationships. I only want money. The man who broke my goat at 19  was a 50-year-old man,” she explains in an interview with a local YouTuber.

The Masolo Queen says she lost the count of gologo that have swam in her thigland.

Bad Black shoot to fame in 2010 after she connived with Meddie Ssentongo and robbed 11bn from British national, David Greenhalgh. She splashed cash in top hangout spots in Kampala and ate every celebrity she has ever dreamt of.

Consequently, the Masolo Queen was sentenced to four-years in Luzira.

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