Bad Black reveals why there is no music industry without Bobi Wine

June 21, 2023

Famous prostitute and socialite Bad Black has revealed reasons why there is no music industry without Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine is both a politician and musician. He has been singing for more than 20 years although his music career slowed down when he joined active politics.

The government stopped him from performing at any events something that affected his music career.

Never the less, Bobi Wine kept on releasing a few songs and his power towards the music industry increased.

Being a politician especially against government, some musicians have taken it’s advantage. They use him as a bait to get money from government because they know he is a threat.

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According to Bad Black, there is no music industry without Bobi Wine. She said this because even the faded musicians are coming back using his name to get in the game.

Bad Black said even the musicians proposals to government have to have Bobi Wine’s name in them so that they get money.

That’s why he is a very big influence and the music industry might not be this vibrant without him in it.

“Without Bobi Wine there s no industry there s strength in that name giving people irrelevant and password to get money from government otherwise if you don’t include bobi name n proposal eyizza obutayitamu…..Respect to faded musician who came back using his name … your dinning table enatela okubako emerre ✌️👍” Bad Black said