Spice Diana’s manger Roger is satanic – Green Daddy explains

August 21, 2023

Singer Green Daddy formerly known as Mosh Mavoko has explained how Spice Diana’s manger Roger is very satanic.

He said he has never met someone with a bad heart like his ever since he joined the music industry.

Green Daddy was one of the source management artiste owned by Manager Lubega Rogers. By then he was in a duo with one of his brothers and Roger was their investor.

As their music careee flourished, Roger who was investing in the duo started feeling so jealousy and wanting to tear them apart.

He tried Green Daddy and failed but when he tried his duo, he succeeded as he used him to break up the friend and do his music alone.

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According to Green Daddy, he has never met someone so angry and satanic like Roger. Up to now he doesn’t know why he wanted them to grow apart.

Because after separating, the music career of another musician suddenly stopped but now Green Daddy is doing his best and he definitely wonders what Roger was thinking.

“Spice Diana’s manager Lubega Rogers is very satanic. I have never met someone like him. It is hard for me to talk about it because he was looked after me like his child and suddenly betrayed me like he had never seen me” Green Daddy