2 Plots Of Land: Acram Reveals The Cost Of Shoes Kulthum Wore To The US

July 11, 2023
Acram with Kulthum

Acram with Kulthum

As we speak, Kulthum Nabunya is in the US enjoying life as she continues to sting her haters since she legalised relationship with Acram Gumisiriza.

Kulthum officially introduced Acram to her relatives in November 2022. This was followed by the wedding (Nikah).

In April this year, Acram and Kulthum revealed that they were expecting their first child. During Eid celebrations, Acram promised to fly Kul to Cape Town for baby shower celebrations.

Acram with Kulthum

This was after netizens started arguing that Acram doesn’t have money as he portrays himself. To show them financial muscle, In June, Acram and Kul showed off their multi-billion apartments under construction and scoffed at haters.

As we speak, Kul is in the US, chopping dime.


After one of the bloggers shared photos of Kluthum, Acram commented and revealed that the sneakers Kluthum were wearing cost $2000 (Approximately 7m).

Following Muzaata’s death on December 4, 2020 at International Hospital Kampala- IHK, Kul has received a lot of criticism from some Muslim clerics and family members.

Kulthum in the US.

At one point, they wanted to kick her out of the late Muzaata’s house in Kawempe.

Despite all the criticism, she continues to live her life.