Doreen Kabareebe Tears Robin Kisti in Komanyoko Exchange

July 11, 2023
Doreen kabareebe

Doreen kabareebe

The raging war between Radio 4 presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti and model, Doreen Kabareebe left netizens divided.

Doreen relocated to the US and wedded Corey Harris in a civil ceremony that took place on January 27, 2023 at at Prince George’s County, State of Maryland – USA. Few close family members and friends attended.

Corey Harris wedded Doreen Kabareebe

In April, the model took to social media and announced she was expecting her first child with Harris and since then she has been flaunting her baby bump.

The war started when Kisti branded Doreen a nu#e model. Doreen hit back and questioned how a lady with 3 baby daddies have an audacity to talk about her.


Kisti reminded Doreen that she shouldn’t talk about baby daddies arguing it’s too soon for her to start bragging.

Since Doreen Kabareebe is always home with free wifi, she escalated the verbal war by branding Kisti Nyashless, a skeleton, with no education background. The model also stung Kisti by reminding her that her TV career stagnated.

Robin Kisti during auditions at NBS TV

Kisti sarcastically told Doreen that she understands her frustration and wants to keep relevant in Uganda.

She reminded the model that she should get peace of mind because she won’t be returning to Uganda anytime soon as she has to chase green card.

Check their rants below: