Pretty Nicole Returns To School After Kulthum Intervention | VIDEO

July 30, 2023
Pretty Nicole

Pretty Nicole

Pretty Nicole real name Musimenta Emmanuella has returned to school almost two months after she quit studies insisting she won’t go back.

On January 9, netizens were left in shock after Kafta Queen and her friends ganged up on Nicole, beat her up and even poured dirty water on her for snatching one of their boyfriends.

Kafta Queen was arrested, arraigned before court and sentenced to prison. However, the High Court in Kampala set her free last week.

After suffering humiliation, a well wisher took Nicole to Lhubirira Secondary School in Kasese, the school that was attacked by ADF Rebels. Luckily enough, Nicole escaped days before the attack.

In an online chat with her followers, Nicole said that school is not her thing, disclosing that she wasn’t understanding what the teachers were teaching.

Pretty Nicole revealed that she used to score 5% in papers, saying she can’t study what she can’t grasp before declaring that she wanted to do music.

Almost two months loitering in Kampala suburbs, Dr. Hajjati Kulthum managed to track her down and convinced her to go back to school.

L-R: Pretty Nicole’s mum, Pretty Nicole, Hajatti Kulthum Nabunya

Realizing that life wasn’t easy out there, Pretty Nicole accepted to return to school. In a video shared by Kulthum, Nicole can be seen in a school uniform, veiled, a sign that she is going to a Muslim school.

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