Dr. Kulthum – Bad Black drama to go to court (Video)

June 3, 2023

The drama between self proclaimed prostitute Namuyimbwa Shanita aka Bad Black and the late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow Hajjat Kulthum is going to court.

This came after Bad Black and Kulthum’s current husband Acram Gumisiriza attacked each other on social media.

It started with a social media video of Acram crying which made people think that he had separated with Kulthum.

But they came out and cleared the air saying it was just a TikTok video. Bad Black took it personal and attacked Kulthum and Acram saying they are school drop outs.

Acram also responded to Bad Black calling her boyfriend Asha a local made dolly annoying Bad Black hence a series of social media videos abusing both Acram and Kuluthum.

For Kulthum she came out and revealed that she doesn’t want to be attacked and if Bad Black continues to do so she will face jail.

Bad Black also responded to her saying she is ready for jail and they should contact her lawyer incase anything.

Outspoken Bad Black claims she was attacked first by Acram and that’s why she will not cease fire any minute.

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“The law s open don’t threat me also slim daddy will take ur mawuube in court stop acting kiddish you don’t need to look for me tell Cid to call me 0782701466will come with my lawyers
I need to sleep Musangala advocates there my lawyers,” Bad Black