Was it a stunt? Dr. Kulthum speaks about her alleged breakup with hubby Akram

June 1, 2023
Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Dr. Kulthum Nabbunya Gumisiriza has spoken about her alleged breakup with her current husband Akram Gumusiriza.

She said the trending videos claiming that the relationship ended in tears are not real. They were just recorded for fun and social media.

Dr. Kulthum and Acram officially got married last year 2022 in a beautiful wedding ceremony. They had a few close people invited for their ceremony.


And right now they are expecting their first child together as the married couple.

Before, they were all not known by the media and Ugandans. But because of the late Sheikh Muzaata’s family drama after his death, Kulthum got known and that’s how Akram found himself in the mix.

It has been rough on them being public figures because everything they do, people are watching and judging them.

Like the videos that are said to be fir their break up were recorded as TikTok challenges. But because they are known, social media users quickly came to a conclusion saying they are no longer together.

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Kulthum cleared the air saying it is not a stunt and neither is it true. They were just having fun on TikTok.

”It was just a TikTok challenge.” Hajat Kulthum refutes claims of splitting with her husband Acram