Bruno K narrates how he was kissed by drunk young lady in Club

July 12, 2023
Bruno K

Bruno K

Singer and songwriter Bruno Kigundu famously known as Bruno K has narrated how he was kissed by a drunk young lady in a club.

There has been some videos trending on social media of Winnie Nwagi slapping different fans that tried to bad touch her.

So many people have reacted to those videos. Some have supported her actions while others have condemned them saying she also dresses inappropriately.

Most people have been thinking that the bad touches only happen to women but apparently, men like Bruno K have also come out to give their stories.

The singer tweeted saying he was also approached by a one lady as he was perfoming at a certain night club.

The lady that approached him was very drunk and she didn’t think twice about giving him a hot kiss.

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According to Bruno K, he didn’t react at the moment because when the lady was returning to her seat, he was the Nyash the moved him.

On top of the Nyash, the singer said the lady was also beautiful and that saved her from receiving slaps like those who touched Winnie Nwagi received.

“One time, I was performing at wave lounge. A drunk young lady came from the audience and gave me a hot kiss on the lips. I wanted to react, but when I looked closely, she had nyash, and she was hot. So it was a win-win. End of tweet,” Bruno K tweeted