Ykee Benda On Why He Isn’t Interested In Meeting Dre Cali

June 29, 2023

Singer and CEO of Mpaka Records Tugume Wycliffe aka Ykee Benda has revealed reasons why he is not interested in meeting his former singer Dre Cali.

Before Dre Cali met Ykee Benda, he was singing but he hadn’t got the opportunity to break through.

After being signed under Mpaka Records, Ykee Benda invested so much in Dre Cali and pushed him to get to the top.

He was lucky enough after two of his songs, he broke through and started making money off his music.

Dre Cali Finally Speaks Out On Separation From Ykee Benda

All that came to an end after two years of working together. Dre Cali sneaked out of Mpaka Records and fleed to Canada without them knowing.

Like any other business man, Ykee Benda was devastated and angry but he later came to terms with the reality.

Recently he travelled to Canada and people expected him to meet Dre Cali but he didn’t.

According to Ykee Benda, there is no bad blood between him and Dre Cali but again there is no reason for them to meet up.

He said he still feels indifferent towards him and no one can convince him on that.

“There is no bad blood between me and Dre Cali; I am simply indifferent towards him. I didn’t seek him out when I traveled abroad because there was no reason to do so,”- Singer Ykee Benda.