Eddy Kenzo finally responds to Big Eye Starboss

June 29, 2023

BET Award winner and now president of musicians under Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has finally responded to Big Eye Starboss.

Big Eye has been attacking Eddy Kenzo ever since he was nominated in the Grammy Awards.

He has called him selfish, self centered, uneducated and even went beyond to refer to him as the lady yet he is a man.

But none of those statements has ever triggered Eddy Kenzo to respond to him or even attack him.

However in his recent interview, Eddy Kenzo was asked about Big Eye Starboss and his response was kind of chilling.

Big Talent CEO revealed that he has been busy and he is still busy to find time to listen to Big Eye’s statements. He said he knows there hatred imposed on him but he has nothing to do.

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Eddy Kenzo said he will never respond to Big Eye and for the time they were friends, he was so good to him.

“I have never responded to Big Eye’s Claims and I will never respond to them. I am a busy person I am always having so many things to do. I don’t even have time to listen to Big Eye,” Eddy Kenzo revealed.