Furious UK Promoter Exposes Zari, Shakib Date Of Births | PHOTOS

June 29, 2023
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

Furious UK-based Tanzanian promoter, Ladynaa has exposed Zari and Shakib’s date of birth after the Bosslady shunned her White Party in Birmingham.

Ladynaa says she spent 10000 pounds on Zari and Shakib in processing their visas and hotel bookings.

Zari was supposed to attend White Party in London and Birmingham. The Bosslady appeared on White Party – London but refused to attend the one in Birmingham.

She refused to leave the hotel and told Ladynaa to first pay her in cash.

Zari with Shakib(L), Ladynaa (R)

Ladynaa mobilised funds and paid her, however, Zari did not show up.

Shockingly, the next morning Zari took to social media, apologised to her fans and accused the promoter of failing to fulfill the contractual obligations.

This angered Ladynaa who vowed to teach the Bosslady a lesson she will never forget unless she refunds her 10000 pounds (App 46.6m). Ladynaa told Zari to pay her 10000 pounds or she will get her banned from entering the UK ever again.

In retaliation, Ladynaa exposed Zari and Shakib’s date of birth. For a long time, netizens have been branding Zari ‘Mulya Buto’ claiming that Shakib is too young.

From the documents Ladynaa shared, Shakib was born on December 5, 1992, meaning he is 31 years old. Zari’s passport info shows she was born on September 23, 1978 – making her 45 years.

From the audios that leaked online, it seems Zari decided to punish Ladynaa for exposing her date of birth.

Bloggers and blogs have always branded her grandma. Now that they know her real age, they will be on her case.