Dre Cali Finally Speaks Out On Separation From Ykee Benda

June 3, 2023
Dre Cali and Ykee Benda

Dre Cali and Ykee Benda

Dre Cali real name, Stephen Andrew Katende has finally spoken out for the first time since he ran away from Mpaka Records and fled to Canada.

In March 2022, Cali left the country secretly and settled in Canada. It was a shocker to Ykee Benda who had signed and invested a lot in Cali.

Ykee Benda’s company, Mpaka Records issued a statement clarifying that Dre Cali fled to Canada but were in talks to settle the issue amicably.

Dre Cali

We have since last week picked up information that Mpaka Records and Dre Cali are having a bitter split. This Release is to notify the public and all our stakeholders that Mpaka records has no existing disagreement with Dre Cali. Mpaka records is in close ties with Cali and his family hoping to understand and clarify issues around Dre Cali’s traveling to Canada. As a business we are committed to understanding this situation and if there is any issue it will be sorted amicably. Any other information will be shared with the press as we are able to establish an artificial position.

Mpaka Records

A lot more were said about Cali abandoning his steadily growing music career for greener pastures. He ignored the talk but finally, gave out an interview on what really happened.

In an interview, the ‘Ekifuba’ artiste said it was wrong for Ykee Benda to run to the media, adding that he also had everything to lose with the decision he made.

I worked hard. Signing to the label was one thing but I wrote my own music. It was also my voice in those songs. I worked hard to be where I am. I had my cake already baked. Why would I leave without eating it?

Dre Cali

He also added that he now needs to clean up the mess that Ykee Benda created.