Witchdoctor Harvests NYASH-Gifted Slay Queen In A Shrine | VIDEO

March 18, 2023
Witchdoctor outside the shrine

Witchdoctor outside the shrine

Top city slay queen is still whining and cursing after a tricky witchdoctor harvested her in a shrine disguising to give her herbs.

Names withheld, a slay queen who wanted to keep her man to herself alone was advised to seek the assistance of the witchdoctor, who a friend recommended.

Wasting no time, she booked an appointment with a witchdoctor and traveled.

Reaching at the place, the witchdoctor asked her enter the shrine. He asked her to take off her clothes in bid to cut herbs into her body.

After cutting her body and inserting herbs, he asked her to turn and started splashing other herbs on her.


Gifted with Nyash, the witchdoctor asked her to bed a little as he splashed herbs on her. In no minute the slay queen felt the witchdoctor’s guthing entering. In bid to make an alarm, the witchdoctor told her not to say a thing, threatening her that the gods would get angry and kill her instantly.

He said that he had to use his guthing as the best way to put herbs into her, claiming that if her man eats, he will never look at any other woman.