Mean Guy Digs Babe In Swimming Pool, Leaves Swimmers Shocked | VIDEO

November 3, 2022
Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

If you are a slay queen and love to chew guys’ dime, enjoy it at your own risk. Some chaps are so mean and ready to recover their dime at all costs provided they get a chance.

Most times, babes chew guys dimes in what they term as detoothing. Some babes date guys with ill intentions of eating money well knowing that they are not interested in relationships.

However some guys are sharp and know that some babes have ill intentions. When they get a chance, they utilize it.

In a video making rounds on social media, show swimmers enjoying their swim as a mean guys digs.

It seems the guy seized the only chance after several attempts.


Most guys have been unruly in different situations. Some have been caught in cars, bushes, offices among other places.