I will only adjust when my baby grows up and says something – Karole Kasita on her dress code

March 18, 2023

Famous singer Karole Kasita has revealed that the only person to change her dress code will be her child.

Kasita is a mother of one month old baby boy she sired with fellow singer Feffe Bussi.

She said she got pregnant abruptly on her birthday as she was having a good time. Kasita said her child is a miracle because she didn’t plan to have him at any time.

But now that she is a mother, she said she doesn’t know anything that is better than that in life.

Despite only one month after giving birth, Karole Kasita is ready to return in stage and perform for her fans she says she is missing a lot.

According to Karole Kasita, nothing is going to change in her life. Having a child doesn’t mean she can’t do better even the dressing code will remain the same.

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Karole said people who say should change should leave her alone. The only person that will make her change is her son.

Once he is old enough and uncomfortable with her dressing, she will immediately change but other people have nothing to do with her and the life she has decided to live.

“I will only adjust when my baby grows up and says something. When he says “Mummy your dress code is uncomfortable”, I will change my immediately,” – Karole Kasita