God Have Mercy! Kisiyaga Is Here, High School Students Filmed in Action | VIDEO

March 19, 2023
High School dormitory

High School dormitory

As the concerned citizens are trying hard to swing into action and stop the rampant Kisiyaga vice in the country, a video evidence has leaked to prove the reality.

Pastor Solomon Male and Martin Ssempa have been at the frontline trying to fight the vice, rehabilitate victims and expose the evil.

Some people have never understood what the pastors talk about thinking it’s a fiction movie but, the reality is, the vice is spreading so fast especially in schools.

The recruiters target vulnerable and poor persons who want quick money. Some persons also join Kisiyaga to get visas and fly abroad in disguise of being witch-hunted.

That a side, politicians are trying to craft the bill that criminalises Kisiyaga but face a lot of opposition from Human rights activists.

Some politicians have come out and spoke against Kisiyaga, while others fear commenting on the matter knowing they could be denied visas by countries that advocate for the rights of basiyazi.

Today, a video from unidentified school leaked showing students in Kisiyaga action in a domitory.


We are yet to establish whether the students are from a Ugandan school or abroad.

But we can say, God Have Mercy.