Pastor Caught Injecting Follower With Holy Waters On A Mountain | VIDEO

February 5, 2023
Pastor Jaroho

Pastor Jaroho

Pastor Jaroho from Nyanza Province, Kenya has been caught redhanded injecting one of his followers with holy waters on a mountain.

As it’s a common practice for worshipers to go to the mountains to pray to God, but some pastors use the mountains for personal gains.

Pastor Jaroho who preaches in a local church in Nyanza has been taking worshipers to the mountain for prayers.

One of his church goer got concerned to know what Pastor Jaroho does when he takes worshipers to the mountain.

One day, he tiptoed and followed Pastor Jaroho without knowing and found out the truth.

He found Jaroho injecting the follower with holy waters.

Pastor Jaroho pleaded not to be exposed but the follower had already taken photos and decided to expose him on social media.

We have been told that Pastor Jaroho is in hiding and rumour has it that he has crossed to Tanzania.


It’s no secret, some pastors do inject followers with holy water in disguise of cleansing their sins.