Victor Kamenyo Rushed To Hospital In Critical Condition | VIDEO

September 28, 2022
Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo

Rapper, Derrick Katongole aka Victor Kamenyo was yesterday rushed to hospital in critical condition after he fainted at his home.

Kamenyo who on Sunday tried to reconcile with the girlfriend known as Ruth in vain, fainted at his home and the buddies had to call an ambulance.

On Monday, September 19, Victor Kamenyo was filmed fighting with Ruth as he tried to get back his phone. It is said Ruth nabbed Kamenyo redhanded texting other babes.

In the scuffle, Ruth smashed his iPhone before exiting the gate and sought refugee at her sister’s place.

Ruth (L) and Victor Kamenyo (R)

Last Sunday, he took cameras, flowers wrapped with 50k bills and stormed the rental where Ruth sough refugee.

Kamenyo took a knee, apologised and handed the flowers to Ruth.

She was furious and threw away the flowers before telling Kamenyo for forget about her.

Kemenyo left the place being lifted. Yesterday, he fainted at home and was rushed to the hospital.

Watch the video: