Girlfriend Shames Victor Kamenyo, Throws Away Flowers, Rejects Apology

September 25, 2022
Ruth (L) and Victor Kamenyo (R)

Ruth (L) and Victor Kamenyo (R)

There was free drama as victor Kamenyo took camera to apologise to his girlfriend after the pair got into a fight last week.

In a video that went viral, Kamenyo was seen in a fight with his girlfriend and ended up losing his phone in the process.

Kamenyo came chasing the girlfriend who was running away with his phone. In the scuffle she smashed his phone on the floor and exited the gate.

Victor Kamenyo fighting with girlfriend

Since she left, she blocked Kamenyo and sought refugee at her sister’s place.

After tracking her, Kamenyo got a YouTuber and went there to apologise. He decorated a flower with 50k notes but the girlfriend showed that she is still angry.

Victor Kamenyo took a knee, apologised and handed her flowers. She trashed his apology and threw away flowers.

It is said that she caught Kamenyo texting another babe.

Watch the video below: