Victor Kamenyo Loses iPhone In Fight With Girlfriend | VIDEO

September 19, 2022
Victor Kamenyo fighting with girlfriend

Victor Kamenyo fighting with girlfriend

Rapper, Derrick Katongole aka Victor kamenyo has lost his iPhone 12 pro Max in bitter fight with girlfriend over a WhatsApp message.

In a video captured by neighbours, Victor Kamenyo can be seen chasing after the girlfriend demanding she hands over his phone back.

Before she exited the gate, Kamenyo managed to grab her but in the scuffle, she hit the phone on the ground.

Victor Kamenyo

Exclusive intel has it that a certain bae sent Kamenyo a WhatsApp message and his girlfriend saw it.

He tried to close the message but the girlfriend was so quick and managed to grab the phone.

Kamenyo has got his phone in pieces but he might lose the girlfriend.

We have been told that this is not the first time Kamenyo has been nabbed with WhatsApp messages from other slay squens.