Tricia TYC Drops Nani Photos, Netizens Approve | PHOTOS

July 13, 2023
Tricia TYC

Tricia TYC

When you talk about beauty, you cannot skip the name Tricia TYC also known as Rich Wife Tyc especially to those who know her on social media.

Tricia TYC is a renowned socialite and slay queen. She loves it with fellow babes and always flaunting her big Nyash on twitter with yet to be identified babe.

With her glittering skin colour, she has left netizens in awe after her nani photos dropped online. We are yet to know who decided to excite netizens with Tricia Tyc photos and send them to early weekend.


In most cases, slay queens who chase clout, always share their photos online while others fall victims to hacks.

From what we see from Tricia TYC photos, netizens are going to feed their optical nutrition.