Juliet Zawedde Gifts New Bae, Jonah A Mercedes Benz, Leaving Runaway Hubby Cursing | PHOTOS

January 15, 2023
Juliet Zawedde with new bae, Jonah

Juliet Zawedde with new bae, Jonah

Boston-based Ugandan socialite, Juliet Zawedde aka The Boss Lady has bought her new bae, Jonah a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 as a birthday gift.

On January 10, Zawedde publicly declared Jonah a replacement for her ex-hubby, Guiembert Aurelien – who vanished from their home.

In her birthday message to Jonah, she described him as the most gorgeous, caring, sweetest person she has ever met.

Zawedde with Jonah

Happy Birthday Sweetheart 💕❤️ You are quite simply the most gorgeous, caring, sweetest person I have ever met, and I wish only happiness for you today and evermore!


Since Jonah celebrated birthday, Juliet Zawedde is still pampering him with gifts. Today, she went into a car dealer shop, splashed $117,050 and purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 for him.

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63, Zawedde bought for new bae, Jonah
Jonah chilling in a Benz, Zawedde gifted to him

Zawedde is fed up and wants to enjoy her money with no stress.

In October 2022, her Jamaican-born hubby, Guiembert Aurelien packed his belongings and left Zawedde’s home.

From the phone conversation that leaked on the internet, Aurelien said he packed is belongings and left when Zawedde was not around. When she returned home, she was in shock and started calling him but he ignored her phone calls.

Zawedde and ex-hubby, Guiembert Aurelien

He said that’s the best thing he had to do, labeling the relationship he was in with Zawedde as toxic.

He revealed that he decided to cut himself off from Zawedde completely and talks to his kids via Zoom.

Realising the guy was gone for good, Zawedde retaliated and blocked him from receiving money from the business, yet he was the one pushing it.

t should be noted that Zawedde introduced Aurelien to her parents in a ceremony that took place in Kampala.

Now she has officially replaced Guiembert Aurelien with a young and energetic Jonah.

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