Kaiyz Steps Out With Bae, Tells Off Haters; I Wasn’t Born To Suffer | VIDEO

July 7, 2023
Kaiyz with bae in the US

Kaiyz with bae in the US

Kaiyz real name Isaac Kawalya, the NBS TV UnCut gossip king has stepped out yesterday with bae after settling in the US.

Last week, Kaiyz disappeared from NBS TV incognito and fled to the US. KFM ‘Talk and Talk’ presenter and YouTuber Jenkins Mukasa first confirmed the news before Kaiyz posted a video showing off bae.

According to Jenkins, Kaiyz told him he wasn’t appreciated at NBS TV. When his mum died, NBS TV did not give him time to grieve.

He has been asking for salary increment in vain, yet new signings are taking home heavy cheques.

When he pressed for increment, he was told he can leave if he is not happy.

Kaiyz with bae

According to Kasuku, Kaiyz started chasing US visa after OS Ssuna dragged him to court and sent him to Kitalya. The gossipmonger felt NBS TV did not do enough to save him from going to jail.

Kasuku said there is no longer money in the Ugandan media industry and NBS barred Kaiyz to start side gigs. When he attempted to start a YouTube channel, he was told to choose between his NBS TV job and the YouTube channel.

Some YouTube channels had started hosting him to analyse the issues in the entertainment industry, only for NBS TV to tell him stop arguing that he duplicates their content.

Since jetting in the US, Kaiyz is enjoying life with his ‘sponsor’ (Bae). He has been posting video after video.

Yesterday, the gossipmonger shared a video with his bae clad in traditional attire as they headed for an event.

He captioned the video with the late Kato Lubwama’s quote, “I wasn’t born to suffer am here to enjoy life”, A message he intended for haters.

Since joining NBS TV four years back, Kaiyz has established himself as one of the top gossip presenters in the country. His combination with Zahara Totto has made NBS ‘UnCut’ the top gossip show in Uganda.

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