The Truth Behind Lydia Jazmine Multi-Million Mansion, Zari Involved

October 6, 2022
Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine

Earlier this week, singer Lydia Nabawanuka aka Lydia Jazmine paraded multi-million mansion in rich neighborhood of Munyonyo, silencing her haters who thought she was broke.

In Insta Stories, Jazmine posted a photo of the house with a caption “Brought mama and uncle to see our new home”.

Lydia Jazmine posted this house on Insta Stories

Days after posting the house, concerned citizens trashed her claims and revealed that she doesn’t own the house but she rented it out.

Our snoops in Munyonyo intimated to us that the house Jazmine posted on her Insta Stories belong to a Nkuba Kyeyo based in Norway known as Regan Senyonjo.

Senyonjo rented the house to singer, Dan Flavour, who rented it to Jazmine.

Flavour revealed that he was staying in the house for two years and after he put it on Airbnb (the online marketplace focused on short-term homestays and experience).

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia came and told Flavour’s sister that she wanted to stay near Zari.

My landlord is Norway, he rented the house out to me and I’ve been there for two years. I later put it on Airbnb [the online marketplace focused on short-term homestays and experience.] When Lydia was looking for a house, she came around,… and talked to me like a sister, saying she wants to stay near Zari Hassan. After agreeing on terms, I shifted,… but my [ducks and hens] are still there

The House Lydia Jazmine rented in Munyonyo

A broker from Makindye linked Jazmine to Flavour. She paid six months and the occupancy started in September.

We have been told that Jazmine is never there, despite having her things in the house.

The fully furnished crib with two bedrooms, a sitting room, dining, and a kitchen is next to Zari’s along Mulungo Road in Munyonyo, a gated Kampala community.

After setting the intel, we contacted ‘Nkubanja’ singer for the comment but declined to clarify whether she is just a tenant or the owner.

Have you seen me posting on my pages anything? [She posted it as her Instagram story]. It means it’s private… I have not posted anywhere on my official pages about the house… I’m not doing interviews about it yet… I’m not disclosing [anything] right now

Lydia Jazmine

A close friend who preferred anonymity told us that a loaded Nkuba kyeyo who gifted Lydia Jazmine a Mercedes Benz on her birthday rented the mansion for her.

Mbu she only stays there when he is around.

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