Prima Kardashi Continues To Trash Six Killaz Song, Reveals Why It’s Trash

March 5, 2024

Geosteady’s ex wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi has continued to trash six killaz song.

She revealed reasons why the song doesn’t make sense to her despite people praising it saying it has no problem.

The six killaz involve Nina Roz, Jowy Landa, Zafaran, Ava Peace, Recho Ray. They all teamed up by Team No Sleep and did a song together.

When the song was released, Prima Kardashi was among the first people to comment about it publically.

She said the song was meaningless and she couldn’t believe someone spent their time on the song and even invested some money to record and shoot the video.

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Although some artistes came out and attacked Prima Kardashi saying she was putting ladies down she defended herself.

She said she knows what she is saying and none of the things she is saying is wrong.

Prima said she speaks like a Ugandan and a music lover, the song of the six killaz is trash and she is not able to change anything about it.

“I will stick to my words the six killaz song is trash. They also know the song is not good and I speak as a music lover. There is supporting fellow ladies but with this song no,”