He Strangles Me, My Body Is Full Of Scars: Girlfriend Accuses Vinka’s Manager, Joel Of Domestic Violence | VIDEO

October 7, 2022
Joel Wadero (L), Vinka (R)

Joel Wadero (L), Vinka (R)

Girlfriend is accusing Swangz Avenue employee and Vinka‘s manager, Joel Wadero of turning her into a drum by beating and strangling her.

Joel Wadero looks a cool guy and has been managing Vinka since she came to the music scene.

As they say never judge a book by its cover, Joel has turned out to be a woman beater.

Joel Wadero

The girlfriend revealed that she has been in a relationship with Joel for three years.

Before coming to Uganda, she was in constant communication with Joel. When she jetted in, they met but that time Joel was staying with his friends in Ndejje. She rented an apartment and asked him to move in with her.

While showing off scars on arms and legs, she revealed that Joel started changing with time and started acting violent. She alleges that one time he thumped her and lost pregnancy.

Joel Wadero’s girlfriend

She is now appealing for help. She says Joel strangles and beats her every time. Her body if full of scars and she showed off fresh ones , a sign that he was from thumping her.

The girlfriend revealed that Joel badly thumped her towards the end of 2021 and she involved the police into the matters. Joel apologised and promised never to beat her up but he is back to his old dirty habits.