Ex-Kyambogo University Students’ Leader Drops 10Kg Kimansulo Photos, Video | CHECK THEM OUT

August 10, 2022
Ex-Kyambogo University students' leader

Ex-Kyambogo University students' leader

Netizens are celebrating Christmas early after former Kyambogo University Students’ leader identified as Nasasira Jannet got excited by the phone camera and dropped Kimansulo Pictures and video.

The former leader can be seen jamming to Winnie Nwagi and Freeboy hit ‘Kwata Essimu as her colleague relaxed in a seat.

She later sought privacy and had a blast with the phone camera, dropping over five Kimansulo photos.

Netizens have approved her firm soft watermelons and the Christmas celebrations have kicked off.


Due to boredom, it’s easily for university students to play with their phone cameras.

Out of 100 students, 70 percent have kimansulo pictures in their phones. When the phone gets lost or snatched, they worry.

Over the years, netizens have been enjoying free optical nutrition from university students thanks to the leaks.