SMAU Member Smoked Out Eating From Car Trunk | VIDEO

September 15, 2022
Car Trunk

Car Trunk

Stingy Men Association Uganda – SMAU members are back with a bang and new style to maneuver through this tricky economy.

After one of their members was nabbed in Mbrarara and pleaded to be spared arguing that he was the lone child, other SMAU members slowed down on their activities.

But due to tricky economy, they are back with a new style. One the SMAU member promised a slayer an upcountry trip. On reaching middle way, he packed and started enjoying boneless meat in car trunk.

He calculated his move wisely. Instead of spending heavily in Kampala high end spots, he spent on fuel and ate meat at a cheap cost.

What a calculative guy!


Despite some not being registered in the Association, most Ugandan men don’t want to spend but at the end of the day, they want to eat.

Some who spend, end up stealing what they give to slayers.

Recently one slayer narrated how a guy gave her money and picked it from her bag as he went for a short call.