NBS TV Queen Dancer Catherine Nagawa Look-alike Drops Massive Zina T3PE

September 14, 2021
Catherine Nagawa

Catherine Nagawa

Netizens are beaming with joy after massive zina t3pe alleged to be of NBS ‘Katchup’ queen dancer, Catherine Nagawa hit the online streets.

In the t3pe, Catherine Nagawa look-alike is seen showing off her deadly ‘dancing moves’ as she rides 14-inch sugar cane.

The massive t3pe has caused debate as some netizens claim she is not the one. From the action, if she is not the one, then she must be having a twin sister.

Some netizens have shared photos which shows Nagawa with the same hairstyle like that of the babe in the t3pe.


Nagawa with same hairstyle like that of babe in the ta3pe.

Since gracing the screens of NBS TV ‘Katchup’, Nagawa has been punishing viewers with her killer dance moves.

Her figure 8 accompanied by yummy behind has left most chaps rushing for soap after the show.