EATEN! Hungry Nana Webber Lock Lips With Aziz Azion | VIDEO

September 14, 2022
Aziz Azion and Nana Webber

Aziz Azion and Nana Webber

US-based Ugandan socialite, Nana Webber has cornered vulnerable Aziz Azion leaving him in dreamland.

Nana Webber who jetted in Uganda from the US last month, is trying hard to launch her music career.

She landed on Aziz Azion who is blessed with writing and composing skills. To convince him do wonders, she paraded her hot body leaving Aziz stammering.

The few days they have been together, Aziz have managed get his hands on Webber’s soft Nyash.

Nana Webber and Aziz Azion

However, Webber has been provocative and she is determined to take advantage of vulnerable Aziz.

In a video, Webber can be seen locking lips with Aziz in a move she initiated.

We have been told that Aziz Azion’s baby mama is fuming and scared that a hot Nana Webber could end up snatching her man.

An insider intimated to us that Aziz has been going home late since he started meeting Nana Webber.

The two were spotted at Comedy Store on Wednesday holding onto each other tightly before leaving with intentions written all over their faces.

They were inseparable over the weekend and on Tuesday night, they were also spotted again at one of the top hangout spots in Kololo.