Cephco Dumps Jowie, Discloses Her Dirty Secrets | VIDEO

June 24, 2022
Cephco and Jowie

Cephco and Jowie

TikToker, Ismael Sefulo aka Dr Cephco has finally dumped his girlfriend, Jowie weeks after he was released from jail.

At the beginning of June, Cephco was arrested by presidential advisor, Jeniffer Nakangubi aka Full Figure, paraded before court and remanded to Luzira Prison.


It was later revealed that Sheikh Umar plotted Cephco’s arrest through vibing his bae, Jowie.

Following weeks evading arrest, Full Figure approached Sheikh Umar and asked for help to arrest Cephco. Full Figure learnt that Cephco’s bae, Jowie liked money because she had detoothed her security personnel.

Umar got Jowie’s number and started WhatsApping her. She asked Umar to organise her a birthday party. They agreed to meet but Jowie said she was coming with her “brother’ (Cephco) and asked 30k for fuel which Umar promised to fulfil.

Jowie and Cephco drove to Umar’s home in Nansana and the Sheikh called Full Figure who sent his guards and arrested him.

Upon release from Luzira his friends shocked him that on the day of his arrest, Jowie stayed at Umar’s place and left late in the night.


This was confirmed by the Sheikh himself who disclosed that despite Cephco being in jail, Jowie kept on pestering him for a birthday party.

Cephco says he was told a lot of dirty stuff Jowie was doing while he was in jail but did not want to believe them.

In an audio, Cephco accuses Jowie of being a Malaya, and says if it wasn’t her love for money, he wouldn’t have been arrested.

In another video, he confirmed that it’s over between him and Jowie.

It should be noted that Jowie recently tattooed herself Cephco’s name at her back.

All this is happening as Sheikh Umar vows to arrest him after he refused to apologise to him. Cephco made claims that Umar forcefully touched in Jowie’s source and ballooned her.

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