Jowie On Talk That Sheikh Umar Touched In Her Source, Lands Cephco In More Trouble | VIDEO

June 26, 2022
Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

Sheikh Umar (L), Cephco and Jowie (R)

Days after TikToker, Ismael Sufuko aka Dr Cephco publicly dumped, Jowie, the babe has decided to land him in more trouble.

After his release from jail, Cephco made claims that Sheikh Umar forcefully touched in Jowie’s source.

Umar hit back and gave Cephco an ultimatum to apologise or go back to jail.

Cephco recorded a video shedding crocodile tears and insisted he was not not going to apologise to the man who boasts of getting him arrested. He also said Jowie was so depressed because Umar forcefully touched in her source.

Cephco and Jowie
Cephco and Jowie

On Thursday, Umar paraded a lawyer from Elgon advocates and declared he was going to drag Cephco to courts of law.

As matters escalated, Jowie feared that she could find herself in trouble too. She said Umar never touched in her source as Cephco alleges and asked the Sheikh to forgive her for dragging his name into the mad.

She also advised Cephco to slow down and do a thorough check who he call friends.

How Cephco was arrested?

Following weeks of laying traps and man hunt, Full Figure finally netted Cephco at the beginning of June. Her security personnel tried to vibe Jowie in bid to get close to Cephco but the babe was sharp and detoothed them.

Full Figure then sought help from Sheikh Umar who managed to vibe Jowie in disguise he was going to throw her a birthday party.

They started chating on WhatsApp in the morning and agreed to meet. She asked Umar 30k for fuel and that she was coming with her brother. Umar agreed to her demands.

Cephco and Jowie drove to Umar’s home in Nansana and the Sheikh called Full Figure who sent his security personnel and made an arrest.