Navio exposes Gravity Omutujju’s cowardness

July 28, 2023
Navio and Gravity Omutujju

Navio and Gravity Omutujju

Ugandan famous rapper Navio has exposed fellow singer and competitor Gravity Omutujju’s cowardness.

He said he asked for a music battle but it was denied by Gravity Omutujju yet he is always speaking of how he is better then any other person.

Gravity Omutujju and Navio have been having their little beefs. It was started by Gravity who said Navio I’d a lady and he is not that much talented.

He even said once they put them in the same venue for a music battle, he would be doing so much better and definitely defeat him.

Navio by then didn’t respond to Gravity Omutujju, he just waited for action.

When Gravity Omutujju announced his Kwepicha concert dates, Navio also set the concert on that same date.

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He said Gravity Omutujju is a coward because his management reached out to him for a battle but he refused yet he has been in the media telling everyone how he is better than Navio.

“I am ready for a music battle with Gravity Omutujju because he has been saying he wants to battle with him. Unfortunately he is a coward because my management reached out to him for a battle but he declined it,” Navio