Is MC Kats and Fille still romantically together? Here is the truth

July 27, 2023

Legendary media personality and Mcee Katamba Edwin aka MC Kats has spilled the secrets their information behind his relationship with singer Fille.

Fille and MC Kats have one child together and they have been together for ten years now.

Their relationship is always on and off as they involve themselves in different fights in the public.

MC Kats has even got to the extent of dating other ladies like fellow media personality Caroline Marcah yet Fille is still around.

But still he has always gone back to Fille and rekindled their relationship in the sense of co-parenting their 6 years old daughter.

Yesterday MC Kats spoke the truth about his relationship with Fille. He said he can’t believe that they have stuck together for more than ten years.

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According to MC Kats, he doesn’t think that there is anything that will ever break his relationship with Fille as they have gone through it all.

“Maamaa Abby i know yoy know am your Guy Life has taken us up n down but am stuck to our promise 10 years ago nothing will ever break us ❤️ gat some bday Gift for u today ,” MC Kats said

It should be noted that MC Kats has six children with different mothers the last born is Fille’s daughter.