Reasons why Cindy shouldn’t overstep on Sheebah’s toes revealed

July 28, 2023
Cindy (L), Sheebah (R)

Cindy (L), Sheebah (R)

Media personality and entertainment critic Jenkins Mukasa has revealed reasons why Cindy Sanyu doesn’t need to overstep on Sheebah’s toes.

Sheebah and Cindy have not been seeing eye to eye for some years. They have now taken their beef to the next level of a music battle.

Cindy looks very comfortable battling Sheebah as she said she knows she far much better than her. She even said Swangz Avenue musician Winnie Nwagi can add herself to Sheebah.

Sheebah has a huge fan base on her own and she also has so many hit songs compared to Cindy Sanyu.

The only thing Cindy is better at than Sheebah is perfoming live of which some fans don’t care about. All they want is good music and vibes.

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According to Jenkins Mukasa it is very sad that Cindy is feeling very comfortable to battle Sheebah as if it is very simple thing.

He said dancehall singer Cindy needs the know Sheebah has so many fans and she is also good on her own.

Overstepping on her toes may make her concert flop and that of Sheebah get successful. Because fans sometimes go with the underdog and it usually works out for them.

“Cindy should start doing practice and stop overstepping on Sheebah’s toes. Sheebah is a very big artiste and she has hit songs than Cindy. Perfoming live shouldn’t make her think fans will show up to support. She needs to put up some good work because Sheebah is also good,” Jenkins Mukasa said