Gravity Omutujju severely beats up Dejaay live on stage (Video)

July 24, 2023
Navio and Gravity Omutujju

Navio and Gravity Omutujju

Notorious singer Gravity Omutujju has no time for jokes. He was filmed severely beating up a dejaay live on stage over the weekend.

Gravity Omutujju has been so physical when it comes to his perfomances. He has fought with journalists, dejaays and other people in his line of work.

He is most of the times filmed physically assaulting people but no legal action has ever been taken against him.

He did the same thing over the weekend and nothing was done to him.

He was filmed beating the Dejaay on top of abusing him. The problem came from the play list that was disorganized by the Dejaay.

Gravity Omutujju was heard asking tyr Dejaay if that is the way he has been playing his music for the time they have worked together.

Here is the video;

It is not clear if Gravity Omutuju was drunk or sobber while fighting. Most celebrities use drugs and alcohol before getting in stage to perform.